Once there was a little girl with the most beautiful mother in the world. This little girl followed her mother everywhere, endlessly asking how and why …  The mother shared her mind and heart, teaching that life is an adventure.

Adventure starts with the self and feeling beautiful enables you to be ready for any situation.  It was not just that my mother’s wardrobe was filled with Yves St Laurent, Chanel, Sonia Rykiel,  Jean Muir, Sergio Rossi, Bruno Magli, Christian Dior, Hermes, Byblos, Pierre Cardin, …   It was the clarity of colours  in scarves, the  impact of prints and garment silhouettes.  Textures of linens, cottons and silks that mixed, matched and stood alone.  Handbags  assorted, perfumes of her mystery,  jewels, hidden old love letters,  furs, shoes  hats …

Unraveling the wardrobe is the how, why and when of dress, comfort and pleasure.   Why not look fabulous when making pasta?  How incredibly versatile is that foulard on that unexpected stopover in your travels?  Why & which great jewellery embellishes you?   How to shop (and when to not).   Evaluate a good cut & cloth.  Care for loved classic pieces.   Why not read The Cat Among The Pigeons with a tweed hunting cap on?   Enjoy the moment, see the value of the past and look to the future.

… adolescence with my own vintage wardrobe – (other than a school uniform) was 50cents 1950’s silk organza cocktail dresses,  two dollars 1950’s black suede/diamante stilettos (that fit like gloves) and early 1960’s MaryJanes, … paste jewellery and pill box hats.  Late 1970’s vintage was not fashion but  perceived as strange.  Smelly, old clothes from dead people.

As a young woman traveling, my love for quality and beauty and poetry dug out glass buttons, dress clips, fine silk chemises from every era, 1930’s day dresses, exquisite fabrics, 1950’s evening coats, Victorian delicate lace collars, chain mail opera evening purses, 1960′s shoes, reptile handbags in all colours.  And hats to wear with everything.

Enthralled with worlds of information, places and people  –  the inspiration of joy and the complexities of challenges – that never stop.  So many big and small experiences, moving with time, teaching and shaping us.  The mother and the little girl still have that dialogue of Why is it like that? How do you do this?  Why can’t it?  … And the love and the patience continues.

After studying, collecting and working in fashion, design and millinery, today I still play, laugh with pleasure and anticipate adventures to be had.  One such adventure is this sharing of some beautiful pieces with you and the collaborations with talented people on Vintage Hats and Accessories.