that’s me

Vintage Hats and Accessories evolved due to my passion for the Detail, the beauty of Forgotten aspects of the fashion and the true Luxury in a well crafted piece.

My inspiration comes from Couture, History, Films, Craftsmanship, Art, People, Culture and Efficiency.

I am a Collector, Inquisitive, Experienced, Chic, an Observer, Maker, Consultant, Participant, Graduate and Enthusiastic.


Hats on this website are vintage Designer Hats and Model Millinery.

Designer Hats have limited production runs (not mass produced), used same materials as Model Millinery and mostly hand sewn [Pret a Porter, so to speak]. Historically purchased on their design appeal as their high quality and practicality express good taste and individuality. They were also purchased for their brand name, just like today.
Model Millinery is a unique design created for a specific client, usually for a specific outfit or occasion.
You may see a rare Factory Hat on this site: yes, Mass produced but! – Vintage. Perhaps it’s design, colour or embellishment that makes it special, perhaps it’s a blink into another time, perhaps it just looks super cute on …


These treasures are my legacy of collecting for over 30 years that I’d like to share with other like minded people.

There’s a wide variety of items and their uses. Each item has the ability to take you to another time, another way of doing things. Adaptation of usage brings a freshness to modern life – not a new concept but with vintage, it’s authentic.

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