Without a trained eye assisting or the opportunity to try the styles, colours and shapes that suit your height, face shape, dress and hair style  it can be confusing to know what to choose with the plethora of styles pictured here.

Below are some very tried and tested rules which can help you choose.


Pretty much any hat will suit you. Far back of your head or extreme front of your face, most positioning work on you.  Streamline shapes especially compliment you as well as brims swept up on the side(s).  Crowns should not be narrower than your cheekbones.

Straight or large brims enhance your face, as do medium to small brims.  Wear all styles of brims an angle, when possible.
Asymmetrical brims and high crowns will lessen the roundness (Crowns need to be as wide as your face).  Add earrings to add extra texture and balance.

Wide brims with low crowns, also medium brims flatter you.   No tall hats.

Worn straight for direct fashion or tilted forward for mystery.  Shorten your face by wearing brims down to your eyebrows

Help lessen angles with hats that have soft curvy lines. Look for large brims and upturned brims also rounded or curved crowns.  High, wide crowns, that are as wide as your face create good balance, as does earrings.

It is considered that the width of your shoulders is the widest your hat brim should extend.
Any brim lengths within are determined by your features.

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